While consumers can't buy 5G phones yet, China is talking about the next 6G technology and is rapidly continuing its work.


Su Xin, head of the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's 5G technology working group, said China began research into the 6G concept this year. The country was one of the countries that achieved this by entering 6g for the first time in March. Su said actual development of 6g would officially begin in 2020, but commercial use would likely have to wait until 2030.

5G is a next-generation wireless technology that promises much faster internet access than 4G. This is not only because it promises to bring fast mobile internet, but also because it will allow us to connect with industrial machines and autonomous vehicles.

Experts predict that 5G will start in 2019, improving communication between the Internet.

According to Su, 6G is able to connect our devices more efficiently than 5g, expanding internet coverage to wider areas.

Of course, we have a long road ahead for 2030. So applications of this technology can be hard to even imagine. As Verizon's chief executive Andrea Caldini pointed out at this year's Mobile World Congress, no one had imagined the app like Snapchat when developing 4G. It was high internet speeds that made it happen.